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Work Visa Programs

No matter what industry or career type that you have, chances are there’s a specific immigration program related to your field. In fact, it may become surprising just how many different work visas and business programs are available!

You must make sure you’re applying to the right program, or else you may never find the approval you need. And when you need professional assistance with your applications, just bring them all to BMLegal.

Our staff has the experience you need to make the process smooth. No matter what route or documentation you need, we are here for you.

Call us to make sense of all your business-related immigration needs. We can make the filing process simple each time.

Any Visa Type

With over eleven years of individual experience, our staff has helped more residents around Pereira, Colombia, than anyone else. Call us when you require visa help, and we can make the most of any application, including:

  • E2 and EB-5 Investor visas

  • Business Trader Visa (E-1)

  • Journalist Visa (I)

  • Company Transfer Visa (L)

  • Specialty Occupation Visa (H-1B)

  • Extraordinary Skill and Ability Visa (O)

  • Professional Athlete Visa (P)

  • Entertainment Group Visa (P)

  • And all other visa types.

E2 & EB-5

E2 and EB-5 are common visa types. However, not everyone qualifies for these programs.

E2 visas require that an employer either already have created employment opportunities or be a co-owner of a business that has. EB-5, on the other hand, is less restrictive but carries with it specific requirements.

No matter which one is right for you, we're always here to help. Contact us to learn which application is best for your needs.

Non-Resident Status

If you’re not trying to move to a country but plan on carrying out specific work assignments, you may need a particular program. For instance, E-1 visas are different than a media visa.

Whether you participate in large-scale trade, are a journalist covering a major event, or a traveling executive, you need to make the most of your applications. For the legal staff committed to assisting more workers, you can always rely on our firm.

Specialty Trade Visas

Specialized employment skills stem from experience in your industry, as well as natural talents that you possess. Whether you’re in a band on an international tour or you’re among a specialized field of employees, it helps to know you aren’t alone in the process.

Depending on the nature of your occupation, you may require specific guidelines and requirements. Those who apply for entertainment industry visas have different needs than those who are traveling for corporate reasons.

No matter the nature of your industry, our team is here to ensure that you receive your visa. Whether you’re an entertainer or an engineer, we are ready to help make the application easy.

Call Today

Don’t wait until the day of your trip to begin looking into what visa is right for you. Call the office of BMLegal Immigration and Visa Services for your application requirements today!

Need a Business Visa?

We can help! Let us make the process hassle-free!

Expert Business Visa Processing

Our team of immigration attorneys makes sure your visa application is complete, accurate, and processed quickly.

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