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Provide advice for immigration projects of people, companies and families with transparecy, quality and closeness. 



Our Firm

  • Specializing in Legal Immigration to:   USA  -   COLOMBIA.

  • Our expertise is in immigrant and non-immigrant VISAS- for these countries.

  • We provide services for U.S. CITIZENS, U.S. RESIDENTS and FOREIGNERS in Colombia.


We can help you apply for USA visa and Colombia, you don’t have to do it alone. Choose the firm that more immigrants trust above all others.

Our complete portfolio of services related to immigration to Colombia, include advice on visa types, as well as management of visa requirements, preparation of letters and documents, completion of forms.

Accompaniment and representation to obtain a foreigner ID card before Colombia's migration authority and obtain entry/stay permits, registration, migratory movements and safe conduct. Colombian Citizenship 

From E2’s and E-B5’s, entertainment visas and more, our firm handles them all. Choose us for the expert immigration service you can trust.

We offer complete consular services advisory, from US Citizens currently holding immigration status in Colombia to those beginning their process from any foreign country. In many cases with the Power of Attorney, the foreigner can get rid of the cumbersome procedures and let our office take care of everything.

There’s more to moving to America than achieving green card USA status, Transport letters, re-entry permits, returning residence approval and other conditions. We can help you get all your paperwork in order.

We understand the requirements to give you expert advice in legal immigration. you can always depend on our team of attorneys.

The complexity of migratory processes and regulations requires legal advice to make the best decisions on which your visa application depends. Our lawyers have over ten years of professional experience helping clients.



Bmlegal is a boutique firm of lawyers and specialized consultants dedicated to providing a professional, ethical and responsible service on immigration issues. We offer our clients advice and responsible legal representation that allows them to make the best decisions about their immigration plans.

We specialize in immigration solutions. In the current year we position ourselves as a firm recognized nationally and internationally for our innovative, inclusive, reliable and transparent services. We are committed to the quality of life of our clients and are promoters of  regulated, informed and safe immigration.


At Bmlegal we’re passionate about making dreams come true, our expert immigration advice will allow you to build your dreams on a solid foundation and it’s all thanks to the talented team of attorneys and consultants that we are so lucky to have as part of our team! they always strive to provide the best information and representation, guiding you thru the right path and abiding by immigration laws to achieve your immigration goals.  Feel free to tell us what your story and goals are and give us the opportunity to help you in your journey.

Diana Rivero

“I came to the office of BMLegal Immigration and Visa Services when no other attorney would take my case. BMLegal took on my case head on, and just a few months later I got my visa approved, life has never been better.

"I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with BMLegal on my fiance Visa, my boyfriend and I didn't know where to start, and the Team at BMLegal walked us thru every step of the way with extreme patience and explaining everything very clearly, they went above and beyond.

Roberto Ferreyra

BMLegal and its team of attorneys are outstanding and clearly some of the best in the field of immigration law. We, my wife and I, recently got our Green cards approved with BMLegal's office representing us. After being stuck in the black hole of immigration backlog for many years. Highly recommended!



Patricia Alcaraz Bignardi


American Visa for Colombians

Anyone who has struggled through the process of trying to obtain a visa knows how complex and challenging it is. In fact, unless you stay in the American embassy, it may feel as if you’ll never find an immigration lawyer for your needs. 


Instead, BMLegal provides the best in immigration and visa services that more residents trust. When you need professional assistance in navigating the American visa form and other complicated documents, our experienced team is here for you.

When you need to apply for an American visa, you don’t have to do it alone. Choose the firm more people in Colombia trust above all others!

Immigration United States

When you need to apply for a visa to the United States, you may soon lose all hope. There are so many legal documents, some of which you may not even have realized existed. For example, the forms DS 160 for non-immigrant and DS 260 for immigrants are among the documents that streamline the process for some applicants. While that may make it easier to obtain United States visas for some, it may complicate the process for others if not completed correctly.

Whenever the requirements to get the visa have you stumped, you can always depend on our team of legal experts. Our lawyers have over ten years of professional experience helping more clients obtain their visa for USA, and all other US Immigration needs.

Whatever area you require assistance, our staff gets the results that you need. Call us now to begin working towards your immigration filing.

Complete Immigration Services

We help more residents just like you get American citizenship the right way every day. Choose us for all your immigration service needs.

Our dedicated legal team provides the best in comprehensive service around. Call today for all your documentation, including:

  • Fiancé Visa for Colombians

  • Visa K1

  • Green Card

  • United States Nationality

  • Naturalization

  • American Residence

  • Form DS 160

  • Remove Visa United States

  • Residence Visas

  • Work Visas

  • Business Visas

  • Foreigners living in Colombia

  • And all other immigration concerns.

Whether you need to keep your American visa cost low, or you just need a professional on your side, we are always ready to assist you. Call today for all your legal immigration needs!

Simple Immigration Process

It may seem as if achieving a residence in United States is nearly impossible. However, the filing requirements don’t have to remain so challenging when we're on your side.

There are a variety of different programs, forms, and stipulations depending on how you’re attempting to immigrate. Whether you need more information on getting through the green card lottery process, receive a fiancé visa, or any other method, it helps to know you have experience on your side.

Our firm assists more residency applicants with their immigration needs than any other team. We navigate through more programs accurately, achieving the status you need each time.

Whether you plan on residing somewhere else full-time, only partial, or just for employment, we have the resources you need and the team you can trust.

Contact our office today to start your immigration process today. We strive to get everyone approved for the programs that work best for them.

Most people attempting to immigrant are primarily concerned with residence immigration or receiving their “green card.” Green card, that is, the physical government ID, contains personal information, fingerprints, and other legal concerns.

When you qualify for green card USA immigration status, you are granted legal status to reside in the USA. Choose us for your best legal advice for residence immigration.

Residence Immigration


Immigration visas can take several forms, from reuniting parents with sons and daughters or fiancé visa to temporary worker programs. As a result, keeping all the details straight is quite the hassle.

Some visas are approved for a short period, while others are for permanent residence. Whether you’re attempting to receive a travel visa, visa for your spouse, family petitions and more, our experienced staff is here for you.

Whenever you’re applying for a visa, choose our firm for the best results. We strive to assist more people in achieving their preferred immigration status.

Business & Work Visas

Are you looking for work in a foreign country? Are you contemplating moving a company somewhere?

Corporate interests take many different shapes, but you only need one team to tackle them all. Whether you’re looking for journalist visas, employment designation, investor visas and more, just give us a call.

From E2’s and E-B5’s, humanitarian travel requirements, entertainment visas and more, our firm handles them all. Choose us for the expert immigration service.

Foreign U.S. Residents

There’s more to moving to America than achieving green card USA status. Transport letter, re-entry permits, returning residence approval and other conditions create more items to think about.

However, you don’t have to go through the process alone. Whether you’re a Colombian natural citizen or continuing to change residences, we are here to assist you.

Choose us for your best legal team when your need for immigration services. Our office works hard for the results you need.

U.S. Citizens in Colombia

Are you an American citizen living in Colombia? Are you finding it difficult to legalize your status?

Don’t allow red tape to prevent you from returning to your colombian friends and relatives. Whether you were on a temporary assignment here in our country or you’ve decided to move permanently, our staff is ready to help.

We offer complete service, from those currently holding immigration waivers to those remaining denied for new visas. If you struggle to make sense of your requirements or you feel as if you’ve hit a brick wall, it’s time to call in the experienced legal professionals.

If you are still confused as to how to apply for immigration status, or you just need expert advice, just call BMLegal Immigration and Visa Services. We offer more types of legal immigration services than anyone else.

Contact us for your consultation and discover why we’re your trusted local professionals. Choose us in receiving the immigration services and help you can’t find anywhere else!





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