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Residence Immigration Services

Finding a job is difficult enough as it is. But achieving work status in a different country is all the more confusing.

No matter what your residence status is or what you’d like to change it to, BMLegal is here for you. Our lawyers have the expertise you need to find the best path to permanent residence status.

Whether you’re looking for immigration for just yourself, a temporary worker’s status, or for an entire family, we can help make sense of it all. When immigrating becomes overwhelming, our staff is here for you each day.

Call us for the best in Colombia in immigration legal services. We make the process simple no matter the application type.

Residence Applications

There are numerous ways to apply for immigration. How do you know which method is best for you?

We provide everything you need to achieve residence status. Call us for all your inquiries, including:

  • Family Petitions

  • Conditional Residence

  • Permanent Residence

  • Work Permits

  • And other application types.

When you need the experienced immigration law firm assisting you, call our staff for the best legal help around. Whatever forms you’re struggling with, we have the expertise you need.

Family Petitions

Obtaining residency status for one person is hard enough. But when you add an entire family in the mix, it can feel overwhelming.

There are many different applications for families depending on their living arrangements. For instance, someone may have to file on their parents or siblings’ behalf, or they might need to apply for a more complex method.

Whatever you need to get your family together in one place, our staff works hard for you. Call us to make the most of your family’s immigration needs.

Conditional Residence

A conditional permanent residence is often referred to as a “green card through marriage”. However, because of TV shows and movies, there is a lot of misinformation out there regarding this process.

Because conditional residence carries with it the potential for those to abuse it, you will find additional paperwork requirements and possibly even in-person interviews. The entire process is worrisome, and some might give up before the process finishes.

Instead, we want everyone to have access to the services that they need. When you are worried about completing your documentation, just bring it to us!

Permanent Residence

Most immigrants pursue permanent residence status. Permanent status usually gets call the “green card” status.

Obtaining permanent residency is a long, challenging process. Call BMLegal Immigration and Visa Services today to make sense of it all!

Work Permit

Obtaining a work permit can be complicated. Some applicants may not fully understand all the requirements for this designation.

Work permits are dependent on your current immigration status, as well as whether or not you’ve already lined up an employer in that country. Others may already qualify under a different immigration status.

For all your work permit concerns, we can answer any question that you have. Stop hoping for the best and contact the team that gets results!

Applying for Permanent US Residency?

We can help! Let us make the process hassle-free!

Expert Legal advice

Our team of Lawyers and consultants make sure your application is complete, accurate, and processed quickly.

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