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U.S. Citizens in Colombia

There are a surprising amount of United States citizens living and working in Colombia. In fact, Colombia is among the current most frequented countries from immigrants.

While some have extended family here or they just are here for their jobs, Colombia is undergoing a massive rush of foreign workers. But how can you be sure that you’re clear to head home?

Immigrating back the U.S. can occur through several different means. When you need help choosing the best path home, you need an expert law team working for you.

BMLegal Immigration and Visa Services is the best choice for Americans living in and around Pereira, Colombia. When you need a lawyer who knows what your requirements are, the process becomes a little less frightening.

Call today for the best team working towards getting you home. You’ll be glad you hired the firm more people trust!


Living abroad, even for a specified period, has far-reaching ripples that must get addressed. For instance, your tax status likely changed due to how and where you earn your pay.

Obtaining waivers for U.S. citizens is among the most frequently requested services that we provide. When you need to know your documentation is in good hands, you never have to worry about a thing.

Consular Process

Consular Process deals with those seeking U.S. citizenship. Although an immigrant will need help with Consular Processing as part of obtaining their green card, current American citizens may require it as well.

If your trip became unexpectedly extended or your employer decides to keep you abroad, you may need to adjust your status. Staying current with your immigration status works in your favor.

You may not need to return home to complete documentation. When you need expert assistance with your Consular Process requirements, just give our office a call!

CRBA (Consular Report of Birth Abroad)

If you have United States citizen status and you give birth abroad, you must inform the proper department. That is especially true if the child was not born on “U.S. Soil” like an international army base.

The sooner this document is completed, the better. Believe us; you don’t want to wait until you try heading home!

Visa Denials

Few things are terrifying as getting denied your visa. Unfortunately, there are many reasons why you might not get approval.

Whether you lost identification, or you didn’t complete documents correctly, there are lots of reasons why you may get denied. Don’t get rejected from your visa, and let us help get you home!


Sometimes, you need to obtain a passport while you’re in Colombia. Whether it was lost or stolen or you just need to apply, it helps to have your best law team fighting for you.

Most applications are required to submit up to a month and a half before leaving. Others may qualify for an expedited status, although these situations are rare.

No matter why you need your passport, BMLegal is here to help. Call our office today and begin your passport process!

Are you a U.S. Citizen living in Colombia?

We can help! Let us make your Colombian residency paperwork hassle-free!

Expert Resident Services

Our team of experts makes sure your documents are complete, accurate, and processed quickly.

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