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Are you a U.S. Resident?

We can help! Let us make the process hassle-free!

Expert Resident Services

Our team of experts makes sure your documents are complete, accurate, and processed quickly.

Foreign U.S. Residents

Are you a United States resident or citizen working abroad? Have you been an American resident once before and are now trying to obtain this status again?

Navigating the immigration process is challenging as it is. However, when you’re trying to complete it a second time, or more, it can cause a real headache.

Luckily for you, BMLegal Immigration and Visa Services is here for you. Whenever you need help getting back to the United States, we offer the best legal service around.

Contact us to learn how we can help you with your foreign U.S. resident status. No matter what you hope to achieve, we can offer expert advice and service each day.

Transport Letter

Recipients of a green card must carry it with them at all times, no matter what country they happen to be in currently. However, what happens if you’re unlucky enough to lose your identification?

Losing your green card may feel hopeless. But you may be able to obtain a transport letter.

A transport letter approves you for travel even without holding your green card. Typically, this is dependent on the nearest U.S. embassy declaring you safe and legal to do so.

If you are concerned about getting denied entry back home, you need an experienced team helping you. Call us when you need to receive your transport letter!

Re-Entry Permit

Are you planning an extended trip abroad? You may not need to go through your local embassy at all.

In fact, with proper planning, you’ll be ready for smooth sailing through immigration checkpoints and travel security checks. Re-Entry Permits are explicitly for citizens who just need to return home.

These permits don’t last long; at most, maybe two years. Their purpose is to make traveling simpler by designating your status as a temporary one, with full residency back home.

Don’t overcomplicate your travel arrangements. If you have concerns regarding your permit or you aren’t sure if you require one, contact our office today!

Returning Residence

Did you know that after 180 days out of the country, you have to apply for a specific status? In fact, when this happens, you legally stop being a “traveler” and instead become a “special immigrant” status.

While it may not have felt that long to you, a lot can happen in half a year. The reason that Returning Residence policies are in place to verify you are who you claim to be.

If you have been living abroad for a year or longer, however, the process may become even more complicated. That winds up including approval from the Department of State or U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Don’t let confusing policies keep you from moving back. We are here for you each day!

Contact Us

When you need help returning home from studying in college, working on a community project, or even were transferred to work, you’ll likely need an expert legal team to assist you. Call the office of BMLegal today and get the help you deserve.

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