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Other Immigration Needs

Immigration services are complicated and there are many different sides of the process. The various applications and visas make it all the more confusing.

What do you need, for instance, if you’re traveling from the U.S. and went to school in a different country? Or who do you turn to if you’re denied access back home?

While these situations may be frightening, you’re never alone. At BMLegal Immigration and Visa Services, we offer the best in comprehensive legal assistance.

Our staff remains comprised of experienced legal experts who can offer advice, as well as guide you through the hurdles of all your needs. From ensuring you can leave for the states or if you need help filling out documentation, our staff is always here for you.

Choose our office for all of your immigration requirements. We strive to help more Pereira, Colombia, residents than anyone else around.

Student Visas (F-1)

The F-1 visa program is for those citizens studying in the United States from a foreign nation. However, there are stringent requirements, and you’ll need to plan out your educational career carefully.

You may not qualify to have employment until at least a year after living in the country. And unless you speak English, you’ll have to make some of your fulltime class schedule dedicated to learning the language.

If you are ready to pursue education abroad, you’ll need help getting your visa. Call us and let’s begin the process!


Immigrating to the U.S. is an expensive process. And if you have other concerns, such as a criminal record, you may find an even more difficult time achieving approval.

You have, however, qualify for a visa waiver. Two main types of hardship waivers may reverse your prior status as inadmissible.

If you feel as if you are never going to gain status, you need us to assist you. Sometimes, just the act of getting a lawyer involved is enough to overturn the previous decision.

Visa Cancellation or Revocation

Immigration law is involved, and it’s relatively common for someone to have a canceled visa because of a clerical error. While not ideal, it may not become as big of an emergency as you first thought.

If you have encountered a canceled, revoked, or otherwise denied visa, you’ll need help straightening it out. Let us review your case and file your documentation correctly.

Whether you outstayed your designated period, or you’re worried about total revocation status, we can help you. Call today to sit down with one of our experienced lawyers.

Residency "Green Card" Applications

Becoming a permanent resident of the United States, or obtaining “green card” status, requires many steps to complete. The process may last for many years, and if you’re not careful, the costs can quickly stack up.

Our office knows the correct way to complete your documents, as well as offers the best legal advice for your immigration needs. When you deserve an expert law professional assisting you, our firm is the best option around.

Need an Expert Immigration Attorney?

We can help! Let us make your immigration process hassle-free!

Expert Immigration Lawyers

Our team of experts makes sure your process is complete, accurate, and processed quickly.

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